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Hail & Storm Roof Damage, Centennial, CO


Ignoring These Simple Precautions Can Cost You About up to $10,000. Hail storm damage Centennial, CO can be devastating to your roofing system – something that many property owners of the region don’t realize until its too late. These extensive repairs can take time, and working with insurance providers can result in more stress than many property owners bargain for.


Damage to your roof can be difficult to detect until it’s too late. It's not uncommon after a hail storm that property owners don't 'see' hail and storm damage to their roof. After all, your roof is up above your entire home or business structure, so hail storm damage Centennial, CO isn’t always readily visible. Unfortunately for most Homeowners, it only becomes obvious to take action months later in the form of extensive internal damage to the home that went unchecked, costing more money to repair than it should have. Rather than catching this hail storm damage Centennial, CO early, and making minor repairs, you’re now facing a major repair plus any property damage a failing roof system may cause.

It's important to remember that your roofing system protects your entire home or business and everything you keep inside. It keeps your property safe. Hail storm damage Centennial, CO can leave your roof vulnerable, and the elements over the course of the following months can lead to major roofing system failures.

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The signs of a hail or storm damaged roof can be pretty obvious right after a massive storm. But it’s the condition of your roof just under the surface that can be much more costly to remedy later on than paying attention to it now. The real damage lurking after a hailstorm could be the damage that plainly isn’t visible to the naked and untrained eye. Hail storm damage Centennial, CO can be rampant all throughout your roofing system – not just on the surface.

  • Shingle condition Missing, curled or buckling shingles are a few obvious signs of storm roof damage or hail storm damage in Centennial, CO. But the granule buildup on your shingles, as well as dings and dents in asphalt shingles are also signs of early damage. Catching this hail storm damage in Centennial, CO early will ensure you’re not putting your property at further risk.
  • Missing flashing along the edges of the roof and along skylights, vents, and chimneys can cause water to penetrate your walls and roof. When water begins to penetrate to your interior, hail storm damage in Centennial, CO leads to mold growth and further property damage.
  • Loose or peeling sealant sealant along those same penetration points. As sealing begins to peel or loosen, the very security of your roof is compromised. Moisture will begin to make its way inside, and storm roof damage will eventually lead to complete roofing system failure.
  • Water damage in the attic or along the ceiling, and any moisture or wet walls, however minor, can be an indication of much greater problems behind the scenes. Simply put, moisture shouldn’t be getting inside, but when you detect moisture after storm roof damage, this is often a sign pointing to a much larger problem that needs to be immediately addressed.


Hail Storm Damage Kapella Roofing, Centennial,  CO

Hail Roof Damage in Centennial, CO

Hail storms are one of the biggest threats to your roof during the spring and fall months. These pellets of frozen rain can cause severe damage to your shingles and flashing. Missing granules and cracks in shingles, as well as dents in flashing, metal vents, and metal in roof valleys, are all sure signs of roof damage caused by hail and the heavy winds that can accompany hail. Whenever any hail storm damage is detected in your Centennial, CO home or business property, your very first call should be to your trusted roofing contractor. Only a professional roofing company will be able to inspect, assess, and repair your roof to protect the very health of your structure.

Wind Roof Damage in Centennial, CO

Wind can tear roofing materials such as Asphalt, Wood and Synthetic shingles right off of your home. The right kind of shingles are designed to resist tear-off from wind, and a superior sealant on the underside of starter shingles keeps them in place at the edges of your roof, where shingle application starts and wind forces are typically greatest. Even the most well-built and maintained roofing systems can fall victim to wind damage.

Wind Damage Kapella Roofing, Centennial,  CO
Rain Damage Kapella Roofing, Centennial,  CO

Snow & Rain Damage in Centennial, CO

It’s no surprise that Snow and Rain in the winter months can lead to serious roof damage. Well, let’s face it, there’s not much you can do to change the weather. But you can take precautions to protect your home from ice damming, attic condensation, heavy snow and ice, all being issues that can pose threats to your roof’s health and maintenance. With regular maintenance and inspection, you can rest assured that you’re always on top of the damages these weather events can cause. If you suspect your roof is beginning to fall victim to wear and tear due to snow, rain, or other storm damage, it’s time to make repairs before your roofing system fails.

Trees & Debris Damage in Centennial, CO

Keep an eye out for branches that may be scraping against your roof shingles on windy days. This activity can strip off layers of asphalt. And also, their leaves can fall directly onto your roof or into the gutter, which can lead to mold, deterioration or leaks. Finally, if the tree is damaged or diseased, a storm can cause limbs to fall onto your home, damaging more than just your roof. On top of keeping your roofing system maintained and inspected, any loose or hazardous branches should be removed from around your home’s direct vicinity. This will protect you from the damages these elements can cause.

Tree and Debris Damage Kapella Roofing, Centennial,  CO
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