Are your window screens damaged?
It's a pretty good bet that your roof took the brunt of the storm as well.


Are there hail granules in your driveway or in your yard?
Chances are, hail probably bounced off your roof.


Your neighbors have roofing company yard signs popping-up.

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Should I Replace My Roof After Hail Or Storm Damage?

If you’re like most people, you wait until a raging storm hits your neighborhood or until water is pouring through the ceiling before you pay much attention to your roof. At that point, you may need more than simple repairs to your roof. Let’s face it: Nobody wants to be facing the prospects of a complete home roof replacement.

A complete home roof replacement is not something you can procrastinate or take lightly. When you experience significant roof damage due to a storm, you should quickly seek out an opinion of a professional and not risk further damage to your home. You roof is your home's primary protection from the elements.

Hail presents a much greater danger to most roofs than rain or snow usually does. A single hailstone can weigh up to a pound. Combined with snow, sleet, and rain, hail can cause your roof major damage.

But if the tell-tale signs aren’t obvious, it might be time to call in a professional roofing expert to make sure you and your family stay safe and your home’s value remains intact.

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What Our Clients Say

Very friendly and professional! I would highly recommend to any family and friends!

Cody I.

Great work and friendly people. Helped with our insurance claim after a hail storm. Roof and gutters look so good we’re calling for a painting estimate.

Holly L.

Had this company do my roof. They hired a crew that did a great job, company was easy to work with, polite, and straight forward about costs. I look forward to working with them again to re-finish my basement! I’d recommend their services to anyone!

Brian H.

Wonderful company! They did my roof in the 2018 storm and they are now starting to design and build my basement that has needed finishing for a long time! Great staff and very informative about the entire process. Highly recommended!

Carmen H.

Such wonderful staff to work with. I know insurance is not your friend at all but these guys went above and beyond. The June 2018 storm hit my house and I was dreading the process. They were in and out in 1 day and inspection passed the very next day! Newer company but very trustworthy! They are now doing my neighbors roof as well!

Jennifer S.

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