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Your home is probably the largest asset you own, so naturally you want to protect it. But how do you know when it’s time to repair or even replace your Denver home's roof?

Obviously, this becomes urgent when an active leak is found. If there’s no leak, your roof might continue to work as intended - even with some mild dings and scrapes.

But sometimes, the signs of a damaged roof are pretty obvious, like water spots on a ceiling or curled, buckling or missing roof shingles. You may also see broken or damaged roof flashing, wet walls, water issues around your home’s exterior, or winter ice damming. Hail storms can cause dings and dents in asphalt shingles and should looked at as well.

Other signs aren’t so obvious, which is when it might be time to call in a local Denver roof repair expert like Kapella Roofing. We are local to Denver, CO and ready to help you with your home roof repair needs.

Want a Roofing Inspection Checklist to Get Ahead of Problems. Click below or call us at Kapella so you’ll know exactly what to ask any Roofing Contractor you might contact.

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3 Tell-Tale Signs of Hail Storm Damage To Your Roof


Are your window screens damaged?
It's a pretty good bet that your roof took the brunt of the storm as well.


Are there hail granules in your driveway or in your yard?
Chances are, hail probably bounced off your roof.


Your neighbors have roofing company yard signs popping-up

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Here Are 12 Things To Know About Roofing Contractors
That'll Keep You From Wasting Time, Money, and Worry

Choosing the RIGHT contractor isn't about fancy Websites or about getting the cheapest price.
Do you really want the lowest bidding roofer handling inspections, insurance claims, and roofing materials for your Denver, CO home?
The truth is, some contractors are just plain guaranteed to torture you, cost you a fortune, and leave your house a mess.

Kapella Roofing is dedicated to making the whole process a breeze, walking you through every step of the process so you're
completely informed and never feel overwhelmed.

Click here to download 12 Questions That Residential Roofers Hope You Never Ask Them
Read this checklist before choosing your roofing Contractor.


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