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Why Pay For Roof Repairs
That Your Insurance Company
Should Be Paying For?

We’ll simply take the guesswork out of the process and make sure you get every penny from your Insurance Company that your coverage allows.

The Big Secret That Most Roofers Don’t Want You To Know About Their Insurance Maximizer Process (Hint: They Don’t Have a Process)

Why spend unnecessary time chasing down your insurance company trying to make sure they compensate you properly. At Kapella, we simply take the guesswork out of the process for you. With our around the clock Preferred Customer Hotline, we’ll quickly dispatch our experts to your home or commercial building. We’ll prepare a Digital Analysis and Roof Inspection Report. Then we simply get to work - without delay - on your behalf like we've done for over a Thousand Homeowners, Companies and Landlords in Colorado.

Call us NOW at 303-619-7640 for your Complimentary Digital Analysis and Roof Inspection Report.

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BEWARE of Any Roofer Who Tells You That They'll Get Your Deductible Waived!

As soon as you hear these words from a Roofing Contractor, simply run the other way.

This kind of tactic, used by unscrupulous Roofers, is actually illegal. It's called Insurance Fraud under SB 38 in the state of Colorado.

You could end up holding the bag for repairs you thought were covered by your insurance, plus you could be in hot water with the authorities yourself. Look for a fair price from someone who you believe is trustworthy, not someone willing to cut corners.

Filing a home insurance claim on your insurance policy will bring your property back to "whole" and you will only be paying your deductible, so your cost will be the same. Therefore, shopping for the lowest bid will not allow you to put any extra money in your pocket.

You should choose your contractor based on who you feel most comfortable, who you trust, and with and whom you feel will perform the best quality job.

Kapella has over 10 years experience working with Insurance Companies to create a seamless and orderly process that gets your claim paid with the maximum amount of payout to you and in the fastest turnaround time.

Financing Available

Are you a Property Manager or HOA administrator? Let our experience and expertise in property management and building maintenance services make your job easier.

Never Choose a Contractor That Uses These 5 Words:
“Our Regular Business Hours Are...”

Life doesn't simply stop after 5PM or on the Weekends. You should choose a Roofing Contractor
that's there for you 24/7. And not just voice-mail. If you need to reach Kapella Roofing, you'll
speak to a live person, not to an answering machine 24 hours a day. Call NOW at 303-619-7640

What Our Clients Say

Very friendly and professional! I would highly recommend to any family and friends!

Cody I.

Great work and friendly people. Helped with our insurance claim after a hail storm. Roof and gutters look so good we’re calling for a painting estimate.

Holly L.

Had this company do my roof. They hired a crew that did a great job, company was easy to work with, polite, and straight forward about costs. I look forward to working with them again to re-finish my basement! I’d recommend their services to anyone!

Brian H.

Wonderful company! They did my roof in the 2018 storm and they are now starting to design and build my basement that has needed finishing for a long time! Great staff and very informative about the entire process. Highly recommended!

Carmen H.

Such wonderful staff to work with. I know insurance is not your friend at all but these guys went above and beyond. The June 2018 storm hit my house and I was dreading the process. They were in and out in 1 day and inspection passed the very next day! Newer company but very trustworthy! They are now doing my neighbors roof as well!

Jennifer S.

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