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Repairs & Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is a routine, professional upkeep program intended to eliminate premature roof damage and extend the life of your roof over time. An effective preventative maintenance strategy will extend your roof’s life cycle.

Roof maintenance doesn’t end at the roof membrane level. Accessories such as photovoltaic solar panels, coatings, skylights, and other multiple roof penetrations all require regular maintenance in order for them to continue providing their energy-efficient return on investment.

Preventative Maintenance Programs and housekeeping are often required in order to meet the requirements of many long-term warranties.

Kapella’s Commercial Roof Preventive Maintenance Program will help you stabilize maintenance costs, discover problems early on (before they become a bottom-line killer) and extend your facility’s design life.

A Well Maintained Roof on Your Commercial Building Can:

Increase Productivity

Lower Energy Costs

Reduce Health Risks

Reduce Operating Costs

Reduce Potential Loss Of Your Inventory

Eliminate Leaks And Moisture

An active and well-executed maintenance program for your commercial roof will significantly reduce potential losses of inventory or material assets in the event of a future storm-related disaster. When commercial roofing is kept in good standing with commercial roof maintenance, it’s typically structurally stronger to withstand storms, hail, and general wear and tear from the elements. This allows you to save on major roofing for commercial business costs later on, like those incurred due to a complete roofing system failure.

You’ll also increase energy efficiency in your facility and lower overall energy costs. Today’s roofing systems for commercial businesses are more energy-efficient and eco-friendly than ever, allowing you a way to invest in your business that lowers your regular overhead costs. Additionally, it can make your business more attractive to those who value environmental sustainability.

What Does a Kapella Roofing Preventative Maintenance Program Include?

Our experienced service personnel follow an inspection checklist related to your roofing system. These items include: documenting defects, areas of deterioration and compromised/damaged roof accessories and assemblies.

After the checklist is completed, our experts create a customized preventative maintenance recommendation for your roof. This includes a detailed written assessment with photographs and repair or replacement solutions.

Common recommendations include:

  • Debris removal
  • Clear drains for proper water flow
  • Seal terminations and penetrations as needed
  • Repair roof surface defects, water-entry points and damage
  • Upgrade or add safety accessories to remain OSHA compliant.

Do I Have To Have A Kapella Roof To Get A Preventative Maintenance Program?

No! We offer Preventative Maintenance Programs for any and every commercial roof from any installer.

Contact us to speak with an experienced Kapella Roofing Representative about your customized Preventative Maintenance Program.

Does Your Commercial Property Need Roof Maintenance Or Roof Replacement?

Kapella Roofing is a trusted community roof expert! We have years of roofing experience to handle all your roofing needs. From storm and hail damage repairs to simple yearly maintenance, Kapella Roofing has you covered! We also have the capital to repair and/or replace large scale buildings, properties, & communities. This is very important as some companies may not be able to fund rather large projects. Kapella Roofing is a self-funded roofing company and can handle any roofing services for community managers in Denver & surrounding areas. From flat roofing to steep slope roofing, Kapella Roofing handles it all!

Preventative Roofing Maintenance management can be very difficult. With Kapella Roofings’ Maintenance program we do free yearly inspections for your entire property index. We also will help with any of your community’s insurance claims and in the event of a non-insurance replacement, Kapella Roofing does offer free estimates.

Why Are Commercial Roof Inspections Throughout Denver & Surrounding Areas Important?

Do you know what can sink a business faster than a lack of customers? Asset and building damages. That’s right! If your building sustains damage from a storm, accident, or otherwise, the cost to repair those damages can be enough to send your business spiraling downward financially. With thin margins and cutthroat rates, most businesses cannot afford to repair their damaged roof.

As a business owner or manager, you are in charge of keeping the doors open, the customers flowing in, and your workforce paid. What happens when roof damage hamstrings your budget? Do you lay people off? Do you try to sell more services to customers that don’t necessarily need them? Do you find a creative way to stretch a dollar farther than ever before?

Your “job” isn’t easy as an owner or manager. In fact, this is one of the reasons Kapella Roofing works so closely with business owners and managers across Colorado — to help them avoid devastating roofing and exterior building damages before they happen. Unfortunately, if a storm takes its toll on your building, there’s not much that can be avoided. However, if you get your roof and building inspected at least once per year, you can avoid tens-of-thousands in roof repair costs.

What Can I Expect From Kapella Roofing?

Kapella Roofing will work with you directly to get your building back to its prior state. This means that when you call to schedule your commercial roofing inspection, we will take a comprehensive look at your roof and get you a list of items that may need to be repaired. Now, this inspection is hassle-free, but when we hand you that list of potential issues, we take it seriously — just as you should. Our mission is to keep you from having to pay for structural repairs, replace your roof, and potentially lose your business because you didn’t get it inspected at least once per year. We’re here for you, and we want you to succeed.

When I Call Into Kapella Roofing, What Will You Ask Me?

When you get on the phone with Kapella Roofing, we will ask you some specific questions that give us a better idea of what you may or may not need from us. Consider this a mini-consultation. Whether you need a comprehensive inspection or a complete roof replacement, we want you to get the commercial roofing service that fits your needs – nothing more, nothing less.

Here are some of the questions we may ask you:

  1. How old is your roof?
  2. When was the last time your roof was inspected?
  3. Has your roof been repaired before?
  4. Has your roof been repaired in the last 12 months?
  5. What is your budget for potential repairs?

More than Just Roofing!

Understanding what you’re working with is key to making a plan of action when buying a new property or planning for a renovation on an existing property. Kapella Roofing’s commercial roofing field consultants can help you create a property assessment for the entire exterior of your building. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary due diligence walk.