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Kapella ‘s COMMERCIAL ROOF PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM will help you stabilize maintenance costs, discover problems early on (before they become a bottom line killer) and extend your facility’s design life.

Speaking of bottom line, an active and well executed maintenance program for your commercial roof will significantly reduce potential losses of inventory or material assets in the event of a future storm related disaster.

You’ll also increase energy efficiency in your facility and lower overall energy costs

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Very few roofs end up lasting for their projected lifespan. Issues become magnified over time as sunlight, rain, snow, hail, and debris do their work.

Whether it’s a warehouse, office building, or multifamily apartment complex, your commercial roofing system not only protects the building itself, it protects everyone and everything inside of it.

We can help you budget for current and future roof needs, and set up a yearly plan to help you get the best service from your roof.

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Do you want to know The Big Secret That Most Roofing Contractors Don’t Want You To Know About Their Insurance Maximizer Process? (Hint: They Don’t Have a Process)

Don’t spend unnecessary time chasing down your insurance company trying to make sure they compensate you properly.

At Kapella, we simply take the guesswork out of the process for you. With our around the clock Preferred Customer Hotline and our Complimentary Digital Analysis and Inspection Report, we’ll help you prepare so you’ll never be left holding the bag.

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The 7 Most Common Commercial Roofing Challenges
And How Kapella Roofing Helps You Overcome Them All

Click here to download this 7 Common Challenges Checklist before you choose any roofing Contractor.


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Are you a property manager or HOA administrator? Let our experience and expertise in property management and building maintenance services make your job easier.

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