Commercial Roof Insurance Claims

Serving Denver Metro & The Front Range


Why spend unnecessary time chasing down your insurance company trying to make sure they compensate you properly? At Kapella Roofing, we simply take the guesswork out of the process for you. With our around the clock Preferred Customer Hotline, we’ll quickly dispatch our experts to your home to guide you through this process. At Kapella Roofing we are going to be by your side every step of the way. We have an entire team dedicated to helping you through this part of the process and making sure your insurance covers everything to get you your new roof.

Make the Claim

First, we are going to call in the claim with your insurance company together. We will be right there next to you while you’re on the phone helping you through the initial conversation and help answer any questions you may have as we go.

Walk Through the Inspection

Second, an adjuster with your insurance company will come out to your home to inspect the roof. We will meet with them at your property on your behalf and walk through the inspection with them to make sure that your roof gets assessed correctly and accurately.

Fill Out Paperwork

Once the adjuster submits his report, your insurance company will send you the paperwork for your claim. When you receive the paperwork we will meet with you and help you fill it out, line by line, verifying again that the roof was assessed properly and accurately by the insurance company and that they have included everything that needs to be covered.

Agree On Price

Before finalizing everything with the insurance company, we will supplement the process and agree on price. This means that we will go over anything that the insurance company may not have paid for in the initial scope, for example, if there is a code upgrade that needs to be made or part of the roof replacement process that wasn’t taken into consideration by the insurance company.

Agree On Final Scope

Finally, after the final scope is completed and anything that may have needed to be added during the supplemental process is included, we will agree to the final scope of work and price with the insurance company prior to building to ensure everything gets taken care of. Once this is completed we will begin the building process. For more information on our whole process, please CLICK HERE.