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Our Story

Kapella Roofing is a division of Global Construction, llc. Global Construction has 5 years of professional construction expertise and covers all aspects of Foundational Stucrture, which has always include roofing. With influx and high demand for roofing due to hail storms and other damages to roofs in Colorado over the years, It only made sense to create a specialty division that focuses on a quality roofing experience specifically to take care of residential homes and their roofing needs. With the division of Kapella Roofing, we have certified roofing expert that get assigned for each roof. This way a roofing person can focus on just roofing, they no long be pulled again for any construction need or project, such as a home addition or kitchen update.

Kapella Roofing is a local, Family owned and Veteran Operated Company. We strive every day to be your one stop shop for all of your roofing needs. From minor repairs, to full roof replacements due to weather or age. We maintain a partnership with Owens Corning as a preferred contractor in order to offer the best warranties and products in the industry.

At Kapella, we are guided by very strict principles. The first being that we take care of every customer as if it were our Grandmother's home. This is why we only install full, to code, roofing systems on every job we provide our services. we all come to work every day not only because we look out for our customers, but we want to solve the biggest problem in this industry. How do we provide the best service and products in the industry, and still keep the price fair? Of course other companies can offer "good deals", but we offer the best deal. A full roofing system with no cut corners, and a price that doesn't break the bank.

If you or your family have been affected by a storm or just need some peace of mind, call us today for a no obligation roofing digital analysis provided by one of our Certified Roofing Inspectors. We look forward to serving you and your largest investment!

Denis, Kapella Roofing Denver,  CO

Denis K.


Denis started working in construction 16 years ago as a helper. Within a year he worked himself up to a lead carpenter. Denis holds an accounting degree and he also graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management in 2010. After graduating, he was offered a position to consult with one of the leading engineering firms in Akyem, Ghana. The project included all the road and power infrastructure. There were 243 hours, 3 churches and the local school. After Ghana he transferred back to the United States and was a consultant on Mary mine sites in Colorado and Nevada. Denis has built some of the most complex projects in the world.

Jericho A, Kapella Roofing Denver,  CO

Jericho Aulet

General Manager - Roofing

Jericho has been in the Roofing Industry for 10 years! He tried to escape the industry last year and then found our team! Jericho spent 5 years as an Infantry Marine prior to joining the industry. That is when he found Myla. After he was released from the Military, he married his wife, Jennifer. Jericho is a die-hard Rockies fan and loves country music. On his free time, he likes to go shooting and ride his motorcycle.

Myla A, Kapella Roofing Denver,  CO

Myla Aulet

General Manager Assistant - Roofing

Myla is our favorite co-worker by far! Myla’s dad is Jericho and he was blessed with her his last year of the Military. Her favorite movie is Balto and enjoys watching Planet Earth in her free time. She loves hiking and swimming and she is very loyal to her Dad and Mom.

Andrew, Kapella Roofing Denver,  CO


Office Administrator

Andrew has been in the roofing industry for over a year now! Being a Colorado native he enjoys being outdoors which includes spending his free time fishing, hiking, and shooting. Over the years he has grown a passion for the sport of lacrosse which he has played for 7 years, as well as coached youth teams for 1 year.

Jordan, Kapella Roofing Denver,  CO

Jordan Drott

Company Representative

Jordan has over 4 years of sales experience. He has worked in a variety of sales positions and enjoys sales for its continuous interaction with people. He has helped several hundred homeowners in the Colorado area with their home restoration projects.

Adam Sipes, Kapella Roofing Denver,  CO

Adam Sipes

Client Representative

Adam is new to the industry but has years of experience problem solving and helping people in need. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Memphis. He is also a US Army veteran with over 12 years of service spanning 4 continents. His spare time is spent on nature adventures with his fiancé and two dogs.

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