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At Kapella Roofing, we work hard to keep your home or business safe from the threat of damage by maintaining the integrity of your roof. We are going to safe tie our latter to the roof. One we are up, we waste no time and start looking for hail damage, wind damage, any hole, or instruction in the shingles related to storm damage. If we discover any damage causing leaks and needs immediate repair, we do it on the spot and we paich it up. We do not charge the homeowner and we charge the insurance, so if there is an active leak, we can cover. During this time we do our Digital Analysis and Damage Report. We fill out the damage report, take photos and videos of the damage and provide this analysis report to the homeowner by email.

Filing A Claim

It takes 5-6 minutes it takes to file the claim. We want to help the homeowner through this process. The insurance companies tend-to ask tricky questions when filing a claim. We like to be there to make sure the homeowner clearly understands the details of the claim. At this time, we also make sure the homeowner is confident in who Kapella Roofing is as a company, we make sure they understand every step of the process from beginning to end, we address any questions or concerns, and a walkthrough with any other loose ends. The home owner signs an agreement, which allows us to contact the insurance on their behalf to negotiate any missing items or any other concerns. The home owner will pick out the colors they want and finalize a price where both parties are happy.


A Kapella Roofing Client Representative will arrive 30-60 minutes before the insurance Adjustor gets there. We safely set up a latter. Once the Adjustor gets there, Kapella Roofing advocates on the homeowners behalf and we will go around and nitpick everything we can find. The two goals are we accomplishing at Adjustment is 1) to get everything that was stated to get paid 2) To find “Extra Money” that can help with the homeowner deductible cost or buy an upgrade.


At this point, if the colors were not determined in the “Filing A Claim” stage, colors would be finalized. We would order all the materials and do all the scheduling with the homeowners and the install crew. Plan where the material need to be drop off at; On the roof, in the driveway, if it’s in the driveway, is it on the left side of the driveway or the right. In the glass? Lastly, we go over all the logistics of the build with the homeowners, so everyone is on the same page. The build happen and we do a thorough cleaning of the homeowner property.

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You've Got a Lot of Choices For a Roofing Contactor in Denver.
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Picking the RIGHT contractor isn't about fancy Websites or about getting the cheapest price. Do you really want the lowest bidding roofer handling your inspections, insurance claims, and roofing materials? The truth is, some contractors are just plain guaranteed to torture you, cost you a fortune, and leave your house a mess.

Kapella Roofing will make the whole process a breeze. We'll walk you through every step of the process so you're completely informed and never feel overwhelmed. Plus you'll get attention to detail and quality that you'd expect from a provider that you trust.

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