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Craziest Things We’ve Found On Rooftops

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Being in the roofing industry, most might think the daily life of a roofing contractor consists of seeing your usual rooftop damage. Things such as tree branches, hanging gutters, broken shingles or damaged membranes. On occasions, however, you run into some odd and out of place items and things.

Danger Alert – by Jeff Henke, Roofing Manager at Kapella Roofing

In September 2020 I did a commercial roof inspection on a property near I-25 and Nevada down in Colorado Springs, CO. I knew it was a sketchy part of town but didn’t realize how bad it was until I jumped on the roof. Not only was the roof in total disrepair, but I found a couple of surprises. First was a knife, which makes you feel a bit uneasy, but then I ran across some needles. I’m guessing they may or may not have been used by the poor guy who was passed out in the back alley of the building.

The roof itself was a cheaply coated degranulated modified bitumen roof that had multiple DIY repairs done throughout the years. This could have been a good insurance claim, however, the owner had an ACV (Actual Cost Value) policy and a very high deductible he could not afford. With that being said, he chose not to have any repairs done.

What’s Up Dog – by Sean Robnett, Commercial Roofing Field Consultant at Kapella Roofing

A few years back I was working a residential roofing job in Longmont, CO. We were up on the roof scraping old shingles when one of my crew members pointed across the street and started laughing. When we turned around to look, we saw it… A dog sitting there on the neighbors roof. Not panicking or even trying to get down. He was literally just chilling up there like it was his daily routine. He sat there all day watching us work, but never barked once.

What the Burn – by Brandon Barr, Commercial Roofing Field Consultant at Kapella Roofing

In October 2022, I was doing a roof inspection on a multi-family property in Denver, CO. Upon arrival I noticed that the property had two sliding glass doors from two different units that allowed the residents access to get on the rooftop. As I was walking the roof I noticed a deep and ugly round burn, one that looked like a hot pot melted through the TPO membrane. This clearly led to water damage as it seeped through the system underneath.

Upon further investigation I noticed that on another building there were metal bars blocking the residents sliding glass doors, which indicated the old property management company or the tenants intentionally removed the railings around the door to have access to the roof. The new property managers let me know they want to do away with the doors and replace them with windows to avoid the liability that comes with residents having access to the rooftop.

Child’s Play by John Kregas, Senior Roofing Consultant at Kapella Roofing

Seven years ago I was doing an investigation for a property manager’s attorney for storm damage on a commercial roof in Golden, CO. We were on a roof that had a large area with a torch down roof system. Upon inspection we discovered a plastic baby doll that was decorated and melted to a metal flashing on the center of the roof. I found three other roofs with a similar presentation. Later I found out that it was one crew in Denver that does this on every job they have done. They said it keeps their workers safe, and people off their roofs. It’s not every day you see a creepy doll melted to a roof, but when you do just know it’s for protection! 

Green Roof – by Hayden Pistilli, Commercial Roofing Field Manager at Kapella Roofing

Last year, I was on a commercial flat roof in Colorado Springs, CO doing an inspection and core sample. The only access to the roof was through an interior hatch. The property manager was busy, so they unlocked the hatch and I went up alone. As I was walking the roof, I came around one of the building’s HVAC units to find a row of Marijuana plants in 5 gallon buckets tucked out of view from the hatch. I’m still not sure whose plants they were, but I finished my core sample and went on my way. Maybe they just misunderstood the requirements for Green Roofs

When it comes to hiring a roofing contractor, it is vital to select a company that not only has seen a lot, but one that can handle anything thrown their way! If you are in need of a well diversified roofing contractor call Kapella Roofing today.

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