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Its Time Your Roof Had A Professional Inspection

Its Time Your Roof Had A Professional Inspection

The most important aspect of a home is the roof over your head. It is the safety in life and the shelter of your family. A damaged roof can compromise your home’s structure and it often causes stress and possibly unexpected financial burdens on a variety of levels. That is why it is in every property owners’ best interest to maintain the integrity of the roof. When is it appropriate to have a reputable company perform a roof inspection? Many property owners’ have them done every year which is a good rule of thumb. However, it is highly suggested to have your roof inspected after every rough storm to ensure your roof is still in good condition. It is especially important to call out a professional if a big hailstorm happens.

Here are a few factors to consider.

Viciousness of the Storm

Colorado is the number one state for Hail Damage. That is why it is most important to have your roof inspected after each hailstorm. If you have multiple storms in one season you need to make sure your roof does not have cumulative damage. Do not even let minor damage go untreated. Minor damage usually turns into bigger issues in the Future. Roof inspections from Kapella Roofing are 100% free with no obligation so why not protect your roof? Kapella will do a full assessment of your roof and will show you what is going on up there. All you have to do is call Kapella Roofing at 303-619-7640.

Roofing Type

Some roofing types are prone to hold up to storms and weather better than others. It is crucial to understand the under some circumstances any type of roofing can be damaged. For example, many insurance companies push for a “Class Four” shingle. Class Four shingles are hail resistant. These shingles can still be damaged depending on the hail size, shape, density and/or speed. This is just one more factor to think about when deciding if a roofing inspection is necessary following a hail storm.

Age of Roof

Over time, roofing materials will start to deteriorate due to simple age and wear and tear. It is very important to know the life of your roof. On the Eastern Slope of Colorado, it is not very common to have a roof last more than 10-15 years without it being damaged by hail. If your roof is older than 7 years it is a great idea to ensure you have your roof inspected annually to make sure it is still in good condition as it is more vulnerable to storm damage.

Insurance Purposes

At the end of it all, the decision of pursuing a roofing inspection comes down to a few key factors: protecting your investment, ensuring the safety of the property and who is under the roof (family), and the cost of the roof. Always consider your obligation to your insurance company. The most common is you have one year from the storm date to report damages and complete the repairs! After this one year mark usually insurance companies can deny your damage so it will be a full out of pocket expense. Consider this when you are thinking about getting the inspection. Kapella Roofing offers free inspections, so you will only gain by calling us for a professional assessment.

Hire Kapella Roofing

If you are a homeowner or property owner interested in protecting your biggest investment contact Kapella today to schedule your free inspection at 303-619-7640. We will assess the condition of the roof and help guide you through your options if there is any type of damage

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